Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally......a bit of Reason and Actual FACTS!!!!

Although many of the posts on the TU blog simply regurgitate the "talking points" presented by the advocates of closing "AN" elementary school (read "Clarksville" since day 1) there is finally a breath of fresh air.
Finally, the presentation of actual "facts".
While it's unlikely that the mere presentation of actual "facts" will get in the way of the ideologues willingness to accept (and repeat) the "spin" offered without documentation, backup, or anything more than political expediency for justification, we can at least hope the BOA members have actually maintained the "open minds" they profess to.
Here's the link:
TU Blog re Clarksville Closing

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Ed said...

I think it will help to stick to the facts. Of the $890,000 that is supposed to be saved by closing an elementary school, $811,000 is from cutting school positions -16.8 jobs (not just teachers). Either way, close a school or not, this is where they are going to find the money to close the gap. I do not want to see more teachers and staff cut but closing a school is just a disguise to cut more jobs. We are only cutting 42 jobs (before the closing of an elementary school) where as other large districts have much higher numbers. Guilderland for example is cutting 68- we are not even close to this number. First thing that should be demanded by parents is to cut back principals to 8 - one for each school instead of the current 12. This alone will cut over $500,000 (almost $600K) in our budget.

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