Tuesday, March 15, 2011

District Facilities FAQ and Initial Response

The District published a FAQ entitled "The Decision Process" yesterday (3/14/11) on the website.
It is available there and here in PDF form.

Also available here in PDF form is Jim Cable's response.

Files can be viewed online or downloaded.
Right click the link and select "Open Link in New Tab" if supported by your browser, or
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District FAQ

J Cable Response


Anonymous said...

So well put. I just spoke with a friend of mine from Nassau County - Long Island. They have three elementary schools in their district -- one is 500 students, one is 400 students and one is just over 100 students (k-5). The small school parents love it this way and the kids are outperforming the others. For BCSD to say the students won' suffer in large schools is ridiculous. If this happens Eagle and Slingerlands will become the size of some NYC Public Schools. Think about that.

Lynne Cable said...

Thank you for your comments and I encourage you to share them with the Board of Education 7pm on Monday, March 21 at BCMS.
Slingerlands and Eagle parents should share these concerns as well. The district is setting our kids up to fail. We believe the test scores in Eagle reflect the large school environment not student or teacher performance.

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