Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Developments

Much has been happening and we apologize for not posting more frequently but will attempt to pick up the pace over the coming days.
We will highlight the recent "issues" which have come to light here and address each in a separate posting.
In addition, there have been a number of "comments" submitted and encourage you to add your thoughts - both in response to the original posts and to the comments.
The main items to date are:

  • Dates, times, and location of the District Budget and BOE meetings have been finalized and are available here: District web site - budget calendar (Scroll down to current/future dates. Note change in location to BCMS. Note also that YOUR participation is CRITICAL!!!
  • Results of the recent Community Survey sponsored by the BCTA are available and will be published and discussed in an upcoming post on this blog.
  • The Community Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 17 at the Clarksville Community Church, 1997 Delaware Turnpike. Directions here   PLEASE ATTEND!!!
  • An online "petition" for demonstrating your support of saving Clarksville Elementary has been established by concerned parents and is available here  PLEASE consider adding your signature and including a comment (if you are so inclined, not required). Be aware that some folks have been put off by the "request to donate" that pops up after you sign the petition. Know that a "donation" IS NOT REQUIRED in order for your signature to be recorded. The "donation" (should you elect to contribute) DOES NOT go to the parents who initiated the petition but rather to the owners of the site to offset costs associated with provided the "free" petition site.
  • Transcripts and video of the recent Feb 7 Community Budget Forum are available on the District Website here  Unfortunately, the "technology" wasn't quite up to the task as you will see. The video portion sputtered frequently in the beginning and was turned off. There are also numerous points at which the webinar simply freezes and audio is interupted - it's not your computer or internet connection.

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